Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today is a sad day for me. I'm currently living in Austria with my Fiance, I moved here after I fell on some hard times back in Los Angeles. Before I left Los Angeles, I left my two precious dog children SID VICIOUS & DAHLIA RED in the care of dear friends and family. It was a hard decision to make believe me. I wanted to bring them with me, but finding temporary homes for them was what I felt was in their best interest.
Though the two of them had to be split up, they both have been in the care of trusted people who are close to me. I have always had the intention to come back to California within a year, and have hoped to have my kids returned to me.
Dahlia hs been as happy as a pig in mud in her new home with my sisters. But it has been hard to get a hold of the friends who have cared for Sid since I have been gone, and I hadn't been told any details about his well being or whereabouts aside from some vauge info.

So, earlier this week I put out a plea on facebook to my friends back home to help me find out what has been going on with Sid.
I have had this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach for about a week that something was terribly wrong, and well, lets just say I have pretty on point maternal insticts.
This morning I woke to the terrible news that my sweet baby Sid (10 year old toy poodle), after having been bounced around to 3 different homes in the past 7 months, has passed away. I don't know the details,I was a bit too in shock to ask. All I know is that he was well cared for, but got very sick.
I can not describe the guilt and pain I feel. That pup has been with me through the hardest times of my life, has licked away my tears, and has been the biggest comfort when I needed him most.
Not to mention he was my initial inspiration for Gutter Bones. If it wasn't for Sid, Gutter Bones wouldn't even exist.

So here Sid buddy, this is for you, all of it. You will be missed.

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